Peace Declaration
2007 Global Summit for China’s Peaceful Reunification
 (Washington, D.C.)


China’s peaceful reunification is the common aspiration and lofty goal 
of the Chinese people all over the world, including our compatriots in Taiwan.
 It is recognized by the United Nations and the international community, 
including the United States, that Taiwan and Mainland China belong to one 
and the same China. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, 
the Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits have been committed 
to China’s reunification. We overseas Chinese are confident that our compatriots 
in Mainland China and Taiwan, guided by the wisdom of the Chinese civilizations,
 are capable of resolving the differences to reach the goal of China’s 
peaceful reunification through exchanges, dialogue, consultations and negotiations 
for the benefit of both sides, and we enthusiastically support any such 
efforts and look forward to its accomplishment. We believe that this is 
in the best interests of the Chinese nation, in accord with world development 
trends, and it is a basic step toward the great rejuvenation of the Chinese 


Chinese history has witnessed the victimization and exploitation of the 
Chinese people at the hands of foreign powers as well as the Chinese peoples’
 ceaseless struggle against invasion and for freedom and peace. Mainland 
China and Taiwan remain apart and under separate administrative control, 
but the people on both sides acknowledge that Taiwan and Mainland China 
belong to one and the same China and share the common desire for peace and 
development. This mutual acknowledgement and common desire constitute the 
basis for the existing stability and peace across the Taiwan Straits, the 
framework for a peace agreement, and China’s eventual reunification. Peace 
is hard-earned, peace should be cherished, and peace must be protected. 
For his party’s and his own selfish personal gains, Chen Shui-bian has 
led his secessionist followers in Taiwan in going repeatedly against the 
wishes of the people across the Taiwan Straits at the risk of disrupting 
stability and sabotaging peace. Chen Shui-bian and his followers are bent 
on a secessionist course by engaging in such activities of desinicization, 
de jure independence, and provocation of the globally-recognized one- China 
principle. Presently, these rampant activities by Taiwanese secessionists 
have become an obstacle to China’s reunification and rejuvenation and a 
threat to the stability and peace in the Asian-Pacific region and the world. 
For the sake of stability and peace across the Taiwan Straits, all Chinese 
people and people all over the world must steadfastly oppose such secessionist 
moves by Chen Shui-bian and his followers.


The U.S. policy toward Taiwan has a direct impact on the peace and stability 
across the Taiwan Straits. In the face of strong opposition from the international 
community, including the United States, Chen Shui-bian has suffered setbacks 
in his attempts for de jure independence and UN membership. As China and 
the United States are influential powers in the world, a healthy and friendly 
relationship between the two nations is beneficial and important to the 
peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, in the Asian-Pacific region 
and in the world, which is in the fundamental national interests of both 
nations. We therefore call on the United States to adhere to the One-China 
policy and firmly oppose Taiwan’s unilateral altercation of the status 
quo across the Taiwan Straits, and we hope that China and the United States 
will continue the strategic dialogue, jointly oppose any Taiwanese secessionist 
moves and promote China’s eventual reunification.


Peace is mankind’s persistent pursuit. Peace, reunification, and Chinese 
national rejuvenation are now the goal shared by all Chinese and overseas 
Chinese. We will fight for this goal and we will undoubtedly achieve this 

Copyright(c) 2005, National Association for China's Peaceful Unification(NACPU), Washington D.C., USA. All rights reserved.