A Letter to House Representatives about 7/5 event in Xin Jiang

Dear Honorable Representative: 

We are writing this letter to ask y you to oppose H. Res. 624: ¨¯Condemning 
all violent repression by the Government of the People¡¯s Republic of China 
of peaceful Uighur protests¨­ sponsored by Representative William Delah hunt 
(D-MA) and co-sponsored by Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). We are 
both confused and offended by this ill intentioned, unfounded, and baseless 
piece of garbage. 

There is one simple fact: The July 5riots killed 184 people ©¥ including 
innocent  children and elderly. The riots injured over 1,6600 people, destroyed 
260 cars, and burned over 200 buildings. We are curious if Rep preventatives 
Delahunt and Rohrabacher are simply uninformed or are deliberately ignoring 
the fact that over 140 out of the approximately 184 who were killed on July 
5were IOCET Ha an Chinese. Eyewitness accounts confirm that those Han Chinese 
were killed not by the go government forces, but by so-called ¡®peaceful 
Uighur protesters'! 

Mr. Delahunt and Mr. Rohrabach her would call these ¨¯peaceful protests¨­!? 
Sham me on them! No democratic society can tolerate such ruthless butchery 
of its citizens. Mr. Rohrabbacher went a little too far in the wrong direction 
by associating these riots with the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989. The 
Los Angeles riots o of 1992 would be a much more appropriate analogy! In 
fact, the July 5incident was clearly the r result of a slow government response
against Ui ighur mobs out of fear of racial discrimination accusations. Had the 
Xinjiang Provincial Government and the national Chinese government reacted 
promptly on July 5th as the LAPD did in 11992, many innocent lives could 
have been saved. 

Such a blatant disregard of these facts is both embarrassing and foolish, 
both to t the reputation of America and to the U.S. Congress. Such ignorance 
as displayed by Congressmen Delahunt and Rohrabacher serves to diminish 
P President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao¡¯s efforts to foster greater 
cooperation and friendship between China and the United States. It is clear 
that you must say NO to H. Res. 624.
We strongly urge you to visit the e website below and see for yourself how 
innocent people were killed in the streets of Urumqi on  July 52009 by Uighur

Say O to H. Res. 624!!! 

Sincerely yours,


Copyright(c) 2005, National Association for China's Peaceful Unification, Washington D.C., USA. All rights reserved.